Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wars and Spores: 3

Please note: this blog out sequences my series, being no. 3 ahead of the work-in-progress that is no. 2. As I hope your reading of it makes clear the spore on and of war is problematic presently. In need of exposure and the cool light of sharp minds somewhat more than its own requirement of warm confused and confounding flood..

Did anyone notice.? Media.? Australasian media.? Flat fail has to be my response on their coverage of President Obama's Afghanistan troop deployment speech. Yep, not one of them had gotten onto what the whole thing was about.

Investors did. Wall Street and former Wall-Streeters. To the nub. Almost instantly. RESOLVE. That was what it was about. No, not a "BET" let alone a "presidential bet" or the "Obama War". All of this plain bunk. Partisan bunk. For the benefit of partisan presumed paying interests. And I have to say the media who went that way came through as whores. Resuming quite possibly their previous entitlement of whore spores.

So what was RESOLVE about. Anyone..? Is the United States in any way united presently..? If not why not.? What point is served by media coverage of that 2008 electorate's presidential reject, McCain? Quibbling over nasty nothings yet vexed beyond compare from being discovered partisan with his former political boss whose command hadn't even the brains for an exit strategy.

Put such peoples' lives on the line and the very first thing they would want would be an OUT. You bet! Other peoples' lives—don't make me laugh!

Guys like Bush, Cheney and McCain and many republicans ran up huge political capital and US unity on the revenge ticket consequence of 9/11. Not dissimilar to Pearl Harbor revenge. But hey, here, wasn't there money to be made.! Result: revenge + money = united peoples. Yes, democrats into the fray. Too.

Today, what is the need for unity? How about the unity flowing from leadership. A leader there willing himself look like Bush to the otherwise weak-minded populace broadly known as the body politic. Shocking them; shocking his own democratic doves; shocking himself into what our world needs. At the undoubted scientific evidence for a planet in peril.

US unity to fight a regional war and its own planetary impacts the prerequiste.

Stating as clearly as his position can that without a united United States of America just everyone and their families and family futures are finis!

Yet do I see media swapping to this line.. answer: mebbe some — the ones who deserve saving.

Oh yes, I am asked about the supposed insurmountable obstacles standing between farmers' organizations and environmentalists. Western farmers/environmentalists it seems. By way of a context change here's an illustration of how that is not the case in India.

Farmers’ organizations and environmental groups are fighting the approval of what would be India’s first genetically modified food crop, questioning the possible long-term effects on human health and ecology. (source: Yale's Environment360 website)