Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blog the first..

On Scoff - about which a great deal of interest will be taken in this word's meaning of contempt and its vernacular use of eating..


Toff - about which money and its making will rank superbly..

I was served a small dose of blogger and author Glenn Greenwald's recent commentary @ Salon concerning the Italian Court Judge's finding and filing on 22 CIA 'rendition' operatives..

You'll mebbe recall a mister Nasr uplifted in Italy on suspicion of recruiting so-called terrorists and rendered unto a clandestine torture regime in Egypt.. the fellow pleaded innocent of course and much later - after the event of false arrest, torture and mistaken authority etc - was tried and released by a Canadian court. With a Canadian - though not ever an American - apology.

Facts to bolster Glenn's view that Nasr would serve purpose in tasking the US Administration to full account. Which is to say how in the commentary GG takes a sizeable scoff at the offenders and their media (ie CNN) for having referred to Nasr as a "terrorist" for wanting recruit other fellow travellers in order to cast out the US and Bush's "Coalition of the Willing" invaders of Afghanistan and Iraq. Having been acquitted (an after event of its own) Nasr was okay and the CIA a bunch of blaggards etc!

Which may and may not be the case..

Though I would helpfully point out to Glenn and his many fans that the following description on Egypt errs somewhat. He wrote:

The Egyptian government, long propped up by the U.S., is one of the most tyrannical and brutal in the world. But Egyptians who work to overthrow that government are deemed "terrorists" by the U.S., and we're apparently willing to kidnap them from around the world -- including from countries where they've received asylum -- and ship them back to our Egyptian friends to be imprisoned and tortured.

Seemingly overlooking how Egypt's agreement to coalesce arab states around the US in the first gulf war(Saddam had invaded many of them had he not) had enabled President Bush the first to conduct that particular war and/or retaliation. AND for the record, Egypt's agreement had been secured by the cancellation of its US debt, reported circa $11bn back then.

As many know such tete-a-tetes between heads of states, as it were, can have many strings, aftermaths.. after tastes and so on. Not least being the accomodative..

Not that I am condoning this kind of thing you understand.. yet political access is after all said and done.. almost always accomodative.

AKA my Toff scoff numero uno.